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Building Enclosure Design for the North

Controlling the flow of heat, air and moisture between indoors and out is the standard definition of what a building enclosure must do. The physics that drive these “flows” are long understood and the materials to manage them are widely available, and yet poor building enclosure design and construction persists.

In temperate climates there is more forgiveness for bad decisions of this sort but in the North occupant health and comfort, and building durability, are quickly compromised by poor design and execution.

When you add in the expense of northern transportation, the scarcity of skilled trades, expensive energy and the high cost of fixing mistakes, the importance of making well-informed design decisions about the building enclosure becomes even more clear.

Cold Climate Building Inc. has the building science knowledge and the northern construction knowhow to help you make the right choices. We can work as an integral member of your design team or we can provide objective design review.  Either way we expect you’ll be glad you have us in your camp.

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