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Professional Development

Learning how building science principles are applied to real world design and construction issues is a gap in the formal training of most construction professionals. Often, seasoned practitioners welcome this sort of professional development. For example; in an architectural office a building science refresher followed by a discussion of how it applies to an upcoming project can improve the building and the confidence of those designing it.

When trade contractors are set to start working on a high-performance building they may not be aware of all the ways the project differs from those they’ve worked on in the past and how their roles and responsibilities might change. Bringing these trades together before the project starts and reviewing the objectives, the details and sharing real-world experience can pre-empt costly mistakes and create buy-in, ensuring that benefits will accrue to the project every day they are on the job.

Jeff Armstrong of Cold Climate Building Inc. is a member of the advisory board and a part-time professor in the Building Science Degree Program at Algonquin College. He also worked as a member of CMHC’s International Training Team for many years, training architects, builders, engineers, building officials, trade contractors and others in the theory and practice of producing energy efficient buildings. He’s seen first hand the positive impact that timely and focussed professional development can have.

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